How to clean the glass with a glass scraper

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Glass hand scraper, also known as glass single-sided wiper, is one of the common cleaning supplies that are indispensable for cleaning glass and glass rotating table surfaces. It consists of a wiper frame and a rubber strip. The rubber strip is springed. The card is fixed on the scraping surface of the stainless steel wiper. The length of the glass scraper varies, generally 45cm is the most common. The rubber strap is vulcanized from natural rubber. The surface is smooth and flat, soft and tough. If you find any dents or cracks during use, please replace it in time, otherwise it will affect the use. Effect.

In order to better use glass scrapers and improve glass cleaning efficiency, a set of methods for using glass hand scrapers are summarized. The specific methods are as follows:

   1. Before use, please check whether the scraping surface of the rubber strip of the glass scraper is flat and whether there are notches or cracks in the rubber strip.

  2. Use a towel to wipe off the dirty water and dirt scraped off during use, and avoid dripping or splashing.

  3. In the process of scraping, one-knife continuous scraping or one-knife and one-knife scraping methods are used.

  4. One knife should overlap one knife when scraping, try not to leave marks, otherwise it will affect the cleaning effect.

  5. After the glass scraper is used up, you need to open the spring buckle in time, clean the wiper and the rubber strip, dry it for use, and remember not to expose it to the sun for a long time to prevent the rubber scraper from aging and shorten the service life of the glass scraper.

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